Why is my Android device not compatible?

Last Updated: Feb 05, 2014 11:29AM PST

Our Android apps are enabled for ALL standard Android OS and screen resolutions!

Most commonly, this trouble occurs because the app isn’t designed for custom device's screen size.

Check out this link to view an example of the same problem: http://www.google.com/support/forum/p/Android%20Market/thread?tid=19cb650df0883404&hl=en

Our apps are enabled for all Android devices with normal Android OS, not customisable OS.

The Solution:

"Changing the LCD density from 200 back to the default 240 dip on my Thunderbolt did the trick. This is a problem that only people with rooted phones can get into.  I used ROM Toolbox for the dip changes."

Symptoms Are:

Missing apps in the "My Apps" section of market on phone and website for apps already on my phone.
1.  No "install" button on market app description from my phone.  You could uninstall with a market link, but then no link to install with no hints as to why. 
2.  Through website, it said my Thunderbolt was "incompatible" with many apps I have had in the past and know work.  That is the equivalent of a missing install button in the phone version of market.
3.  Apps already installed couldn't receive updates.

How to fix:

1.  Change LCD density back to stock (requires reboot).
2.  Settings -> Applications -> Manage applications -> all -> Market -> force stop, clear cache and data.
3.  Reboot. Changes won't show up until reboot.